Record Types Supported by EPICS

Thanks to Marty Kraimer for originally compiling this list.

This list is only as accurate and informative as you, the community of authors, makes it! Please send me your additions/corrections.

Primary technical contact listed by e-mail username in brackets [ ] Lists by type:

In Base Distribution

Documentation for these is in the Record Reference Manual.

Although Marty Kraimer is the current "author" of most of these records, almost all of them were originated by Bob Dalesio.

aai								[tang@jlab]
aao								[tang@jlab]
ai								[mrk]
ao								[mrk]
bi								[mrk]
bo								[mrk]
calc								[mrk]
calcout								[mrk]
compress							[mrk]
dfanout								[tang@jlab]
eg								[mrk]
egevent								[mrk]
er								[mrk]
erevent								[mrk]
event								[mrk]
fanout								[mrk]
gsub								[rwright@lanl]
histogram							[mrk]
longin								[mrk]
longout								[mrk]
mbbiDirect							[tang@jlab]
mbbi								[mrk]
mbboDirect							[tang@jlab]
mbbo								[mrk]
pal		Emulates PAL-type IC				[mstettler@lanl]
permissive							[mrk]
pid								[ldalesio@lanl]
pulseCounter							[mrk]
pulseDelay							[mrk]
pulseTrain							[mrk]
recWaitCa.c							[mrk]
scan								[nda@aps]
sel								[mrk]
seq								[mrk]
state								[mrk]
steppermotor							[ldalesio@lanl]
stringin							[mrk]
stringout							[mrk]
subArray	Extracts sub-array from waveform		[CALionberger@lbl]
sub								[mrk]
timer								[johill@lanl.gov]
wait								[nda@aps]
waitCa		{obsolete in 3.13}				[nda@aps]
waveform							[mrk]

Available from Other Sites

See the URL and/or e-mail to author for documentation.
Record	Description			R3.?	Symbol	Doc	Location  
------  -----------    			-----	---	---	--------
genSub  Multiple input/output		12/13	YES	YES	WWW page
	subroutine record which                        		FTP
	handles arrays, structures         			afoster@gemini.edu
	and scalars.                 

CAD     Implements Gemini 		12/13	YES	YES	WWW page
CAR     Command/Action						FTP
SIR     Layer between						afoster@gemini.edu
Apply	IOC's.

interp	General-purpose			12	NO	YES	FTP
	interpolation						WLupton@keck.hawaii.edu

vme	Probes VMEbus			12	NO	YES	WWW page
camac	Probes camac			12	NO	YES	Rivers@cars.uchicago.edu
serial	Probes serial			12	NO	YES
gpib	Probes gpib			12	NO	YES

hiv	Access LeCroy or		12	NO	soon	McCormic@cebaf.gov
	CAEN HV mainframes

motor   Alternative to steppermotor     12/13    ?      YES     WWW page
        record--different device/driver
        support, user/dial coordinates,
        backlash takeout, encoders.

scaler  Supports bank of pulse counters 12/13    NO     YES     (see above)

table   Implements 6-degree-of-freedom  12/13    NO     YES     (see above)
        optical table, driving 6 motor

transform Like 'calcout', but supports  12/13    NO     YES     (see above)
        12 expressions that can use the
        results of any previously
        evaluated expressions

scanparm  Load/execute scan record      12/13    NO     NO      (see above; available only
								as part of xfdApp software distribution)

mca     Supports multichannel analyzers 12/13    NO     YES     Rivers@cars.uchicago.edu

Updated 03.Feb.99 by Steve Lewis (SALewis@lbl.gov)